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Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage

Hey darlings! As promised here /finally/ is another edition of Home Sweet Home. I have been working my little butt off to try to catch up, and I have much more to do, what with The Arcade :Q______* opening it's doors in a couple of days. I had meant to do a post to feature my Autumn home months ago, but I ended up moving about a month ago or so, and dove right into winter. I was basically done about 3 weeks ago, save for a couple newer releases I placed out every now and again, but was swept up by other things and it ended up taking me a while to get it all done. blah blah hehe To the point! :P~~ I really love the fancy, secluded cabin in the woods space I created. Hope you do too! (♡´3`♡)

{Outside} Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Outside
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Outside
{Skydome} Turnip's
{House} Post • Gnesen Farm Shed • aged timber past FLF
{White Tree} Happy Mood • Garden Tree01 - snow white
{Close Tree} Alirium Gardens • Narrow Tree • Large • Winter
{Right Trees} Forest Floor • Elm Sparse
{Trail} Zacca • Pavement • Heavy Snow
{Sticks} 3D Trees
{White Grass} Happy Mood • Sweet Garden Grass • White
{Dark Grass} Zigana • Winter Grass
{Shelf} Floorplan • Apple crate Shelf
{Spigot} Post • Old Garden Spigot
{Snow Kiwi} Contraption group gift
{Chimes} Zigana • Wind chime • Snow
{Stump} What Next • First Frost Tree Stump
{Crate} Nordari • Unpack Box
{Shelf} Pilot • Pipe Shelf
{Chipmunks} Happy Mood • Stuffed Chipmunk Gacha
{Jars} What Next • Jar Lanterns
{Pine cone} Turnip's
{Mirror} Zigana • Weathered Mirror
{Lace} Picnic • Camping Car • Romance Lace

{Inside 1}
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Inside
{Bed} Flowey & Art Dummy • Sleepless Bed past FAIR
{Tray} What Next • Rise & Shine Coffee Tray past FAIR
{Cat} SHOP SEU • 1prim anim cat -orange-
{Deer Art} Apple Fall • Deer Frame
{Curtains} Nordari • Winter Comes past FLF
{Side Table} Meshworx • Omen @ FAIR
{Boxes} Vespertine • Vintage Boxes
{Headboard} Turnip's • Cottage Door from house
{Beanbag} Cheeky Pea • Georgie Beanbag
{Arrow Light} Art Dummy • Light up my way • vintage up arrow
{Dreamcatcher} Cheeky Pea • Kaleidoscope Dreamcatcher @ C88
{Shutter Frame} Floorplan
{Top Books} MMG's 4books brown
{Bottom Books} Lisp • Row of books
{Coffee} Atelier Kreslo • to go cup
{Letters} TARTESSOS ARTS • Bohemian Letters
{Typewriter} Cheeky Pea • Hemmingway Typewriter
{Globe} Apple Fall • WORLD Globe (Antique)
{Picture} ililo • Winter Canvas
{Desk} Estatica
{Backpack} Mr. Poet • Leather Backpack
{Lights} Floorplan • mason jar chandelier NEW

{Inside 2}
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Inside
{Cage} Bark • Vintage Birdcage MESH- Old Bronze
{Candles*cage*} The Loft • Little Yellow Candle
{Books*cage*} flowey & artdummy • sleepless bed (decorative books) past FAIR
{Books *shelf*} Apple Fall • Japanese Books No.1
{Jams} What Next • Laurel Cottage Kitchen Preserves
{Photo Hanger} Floorplan
{Fireplace Screen} TARTESSOS ARTS
{Stove} What Next • Charlotte Woodburning Stove (Almond) past FLF
{Chair} The Loft • Wareham Side Chair Teal
{Coffee Table} Northwest • Tree trunk coffee table on wheels
{Cookie Tray} What Next • Chocolatier Drinks Tray
{Throw Cushions} Apple Fall
{Chair} LAQ • Basic Mesh Lounge Chair - Grey
{Box Clutter} Mud Honey • Unpack Box
{Curtain} INK • Damage Curtain
{Frames} Northwest • Lesha Frame X Oval w/ art by charmain olivia
{Guitar} What Next • Norwegian Wood Guitar

{Inside 3}
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Inside
{Clock} Cheeky Pea • Dark Cafe Teacup Clock NEW
{Deer} Beetlebones • Wall Mounted Deer Head
{Upside Down Chair} Cheeky pea & Pilot • Garden Party Chair 1
{Hanger Chair} Cheeky Pea & Pulling Strings • Maribel Hanger Chair Splatter
{Shelf} Y's House • ID Shelf 3
{Window} Boathouse • leaning window
{Potter} Cheeky Pea • Molly's Potter's Wheel
{Paper} Apple Fall Millinery Scrolls
{Dishes} MudHoney • Priya
{Ceiling Art} Pilot • Magon Art Collection
{Armoire} MudHoney • Priya Armoire
{Sweater} tulip. • omen (unpacker)
{Hat} Apple Fall • Hat w/ Stand (Beige & Silver)
{Rainboots} Nardcotix • Nardcotix Gacha Rainboot Plaid
{Oxfords} Monso • My Leather Oxford
{Cowboy Boot} Schadenfreude • Amargosa Boots @ C88
{Flats} Ingenue • Ariane - Prussian
{Wedges} Ingenue • Cindy • Licorice
{Trunks} Post

{Round the Fire}
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Round the Fire
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Round the Fire
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Round the Fire
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Round the Fire
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Round the Fire
{Big Tree} Botanical • Bare Sugar Maple NEW
{Star Light} Art Dummy • Light Up My Way
{Rug} DAHaus • Peruse Rug
{Lace} Picnic • Lace Canopy
{Snowman} MMG's • Snowman Blue
{Fire} AA Build and Design • leaning window
{Chalkboard} Floorplan • hanging heart chalkboard.
{Buried Chair} Tatty Soup Gypsy Chair ♡ ty
{Bird} Happy Mood • Little Birds • Sky blue
{Dinnerware} MudHoney • Priya
{Cake} Lisp • Fancy Cake
{Table Lace} Northwest • Milieu de table (lace)
{Table} Zigana
{Chair} Y's House • Round Chair 01
{Chairs} LAQ • Dinner Chairs (Antique)
{Hanging Chair} Pilot • Larkin Set - Hanging Chair 1 @ C88
{Lights} Cheeky Pea • Pilot • Backyard Cinema Lights
{End Table} Bark • Fancy Little End Table
{Books} Floorplan
{Couch} Lisp • Stag Blue Sofa
{Drinks} Post • Havamal Lagerol
{Side Table} Zigana • Apothecary cabinet
{Gramophone} Spikie Thorne
{Records} Fabulous Soul Club • 7inch Box D
{Pan/Skillet} Post
{Stocking} Lisp • Robin Blue
{Chair} Tatty Soup • Holmes Chair Beige Spot. ♡ ty
{Sled} What Next • Snow Day Sled

Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Rink
Home Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~me Sweet Home ♡ Winter Cottage ~ Rink
{Rink} What Next • Ice Skating Rink modded
{Bench} LAQ
{Barrel} Dysfunctional Designs • Iron Diamond Barrel
{Chair} ililo • a. Metal Chair - rust
{Fishing Rod} Lisp

Chocolate kisses,




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