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The Arcade ~ December

The second installment of The Arcade is about to launch in a mere 4 hours (12PM SLT)! I know, you're excited too, right? ^.^ In September the event launched for the first time, and it quickly became one of my most favourite events. Everything about it made me ooooh & aaaah! Gacha machines have long been a fun way to buy goodies, with the ability to collect all of your favs, and trade with your friends. So, when Pizzy asked me to become a blogger for The Arcade, I literally danced about! hehe └(●´∀`●)┐

This round is as amazing as, or perhaps even better than the last! With sparkly new pinball gacha machines by Anya Ohmai, claw machine tip jars by Azure Electricteeth (With every donation, no matter how much, you will receive a random octopus toy made by Azure Electricteeth or a random fish toy made by Maylee Oh), festive decor, and even more collectable (read: addictive) goodies to buy, it's a must see! If you can get in that is! I know in September, it was days before I could really get in there and /try/ to get what I wanted! However, a helpful little group gift full body alpha may make things flow a little more quickly ;) The group chat will be open for trading, which is one of my favourite parts! Here are a couple of quick venue pics:

The Arcade
The Arcade
I have a few outfits put together, and some pictures taken, so I will definitely try to post more before I fall asleep at my desk :P~~

Chocolate kisses,

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